Would Taking CBD Gummies Be A Wise Choice For Women Suffering With PCOS?


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common female hormone disorders. In several countries like the USA, it is also the primary reason behind female infertility. About 20% of women suffer from PCOS. The imbalance in the hormones affects one in every five women. Most of the symptoms of PCOS are now known to the world. However, scientists have not been successful in finding its cure till now. Several research studies conducted till now haven’t figured out the primary cause behind this disorder. It has compelled people to look for natural remedies to treat their PCOS symptoms instead of depending on allopathic medicines.

One such potential natural remedy is CBD gummies. These gummies primarily work by assisting in maintaining the balance (homeostasis) of neurotransmitters, neurological activity, metabolism, and hormones. All these bodily functions are affected if you suffer from PCOS. You can easily consume these gummies like candies but don’t expect to see changes overnight. Their long-term effects will be gradual and depend upon your dosage and routine of consuming these gummies.

This article first gives you detailed information about CBD- the primary constituent of these gummies. Then we talk about PCOS and what symptoms you can experience if you suffer from it. Lastly, we have summarized a few points on how CBD gummies may help women deal with PCOS. So if you have this ailment or know someone who does, we guarantee this article will significantly help you!

Know All About CBD

You can find Cannabidiol (or CBD) as a naturally occurring substance in the Cannabis Sativa plants. Over the last decade, this compound is increasingly becoming popular due to the several therapeutic effects it may offer.

Another thing to know is that CBD is distinct from other compounds in the cannabis plant due to its rare properties. For instance, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects and doesn’t induce a high in its consumers like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of the primary and popular compounds in marijuana other than CBD. Thus, the latter is a safer option to consume.

This compound is well known for possessing anti-inflammatory properties that may help consumers. PCOS is also one of those conditions that are significantly related to inflammation. Thus, consuming CBD products such as gummies may help you a lot in alleviating your symptoms and managing this hormonal disorder.

What is PCOS, and What Are The Symptoms?

Women’s ovaries can incur a follicle buildup over time and form cysts. Apart from that, an imbalance of reproductive hormones is another result of PCOS. The reproductive hormones ensure a long and healthy life for ovaries, and PCOS may affect their secretion and work. Thus, it is necessary to visit a doctor and get diagnosed if you experience irregular periods, heavy or low bleeding, unprovoked weight gain, pimple breakouts, pigmentation, the rapid growth of body hair, etc.

If you ignore the above symptoms and leave your condition untreated, it may create several health complications. These conditions include mood disorders, high blood pressure, liver inflammation, frequent miscarriages, infertility, and even Endometrial cancer.

As the primary cause behind PCOS is still not discovered, the most any treatment or medication can do is aid the symptoms of this condition and help prevent any hazardous consequences. Thus, most people turn to medication and lifestyle changes to manage PCOS, and CBD gummies are one such option.

How Can CBD Gummies Be a Wise Choice in PCOS?

We have summarized some points on how these gummies may help manage your PCOS and its symptoms below:-

Helps with uneasiness due to Heavy Menstruation

Most women suffering from PCOS experience heavy menstruation, especially when their periods are late. It also results in severe cramps and acute pain in the abdomen. We all know that CBD gummies may be effective in reducing pain. Thus, you may try them to help with period pain and the uneasiness that follows it. Moreover, these gummies may also help relax your mind, reduce discomfort and further help you during the difficult days of the month.

Aids with Mood Swings

Women on their periods experience severe mood swings, and women suffering from PCOS may have it worse. These mood swings also result in feelings of anxiety, stress, and constant cravings. You may feel stressed out due to the severity of your menstrual cycle or the excess cortisol secretion from your adrenal glands. Several research studies have shown that CBD gummies may have anxiolytic effects on users and thus may help uplift your mood.

Helps the Metabolism

Unnecessary weight gain is a common problem among PCOS patients. Not only does your body rapidly gain excess weight, but it also loses it with much hardship. You may get trapped in the unhealthy cycle where PCOS makes you gain weight, and that weight gain worsens your hormonal imbalance and symptoms associated with the disorder.

A research study conducted in 2016 pointed out that CBD may help with weight loss by rapidly turning white fat into brown fat (which is quick to burn). Thus, these gummies can increase your metabolism if you couple them with a proper diet and frequent exercise.

Assists with a Healthier Lifestyle

As there is no definite cure for PCOS, leading a healthy lifestyle is the way for patients. Following a balanced diet, frequently exercising, sticking to a proper sleep schedule, and so on can help manage your PCOS symptoms and prevent other health complications. Along with these practices, you may consume CBD gummies to assist you in leading a healthy life as they may help you fall asleep, feel energized enough to exercise, and reduce unnecessary food cravings. Thus, these gummies may help you turn your life around and effectively manage your PCOS and overall health.


Thus, it is clear that you can try CBD gummies to help manage your PCOS. However, you need to note that consuming these gummies won’t solve all your problems as they are only a health supplement that may indirectly target your PCOS symptoms. Your consumption should be under medical supervision and accompanied by significant lifestyle changes. Solely taking CBD gummies while you follow an unhealthy lifestyle will be futile for managing your condition. Moreover, you should ensure that you only buy these gummies from trusted brands and not overdose on them. Only then will you be able to see their positive effects without risking your health or worsening your PCOS. So, don’t wait for a long time. Go and consult your PCOS doctor and try CBD gummies now!