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Which Academy Is Leading IT Placements in India?


Other than ITIs or other prestigious names, it is indeed a challenge for others to place their students at big MNCs. However, there are some who do have a plan and platform to change these old visions. Let’s take SaiVa AcadEmy as an example. Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh came up SaiVa AcadEmy in the summer of 2019 after seeing talents not finding ways to open doors of big names in the IT industry. 

He then made plans with his IT and recruitment team to set up an institution where talents can learn the latest programming skills from those who are working in the industry and at the same time, the internal IT team of SaiVa gets along with the practical approach. It just gives SaiVa AcadEmy that cutting edge over others. 

Instead of taking three to four years, they plan to make a candidate placed in just six months. In this learning period, SaiVa AcadEmy makes sure that, other than learning skills, the candidates should be ready with the best communication skills for making an impact. It is looking like the key reason behind SaiVa AcadEmy placing over 400 candidates. Most of them are working for MNCs. 

It shows that with the right plan everything is possible. Some institutions can feel proud of placing just one or two talents at mega MNCs. However, it looks like the bar of SaiVa AcadEmy is at another level. Their formulas are working very well. It is helping students to not waste their years on something take can’t provide them good salary packages, forget about good corporate culture. 

SaiVa AcadEmy is setting up the right examples as it is always good to have a skilful platform to work and create an impact of hope for those who see dreams of working at some of their favourite stations but do not have a platform to shine.  

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