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Victoria Chlebowski

The Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor’ in a Drama Series is only one of the numerous outstanding awards Michael Imperioli has won. For his part in the HBO show The Sopranos, Michael Imperioli received this award. Michael Imperioli is indeed well-known, and his stunning wife Victoria Chlebowski has benefited from the popularity as well. Victoria Chlebowski has spent more than twenty years by his side.

Victoria Chlebowski
Victoria Chlebowski

Victoria Chlebowski Physical Appearance

Victoria Chlebowski is 5 feet 7 inches tall at 170 centimeters, and she weighs roughly 65 kilograms, or 143 pounds. Chlebowski’s zodiac sign is unknown. Blue is the hue of Victoria’s eyes, while her hair is a light gray. Victoria Chlebowski’s partner Michael Imperioli is 5.8 feet (1.73 meters) tall and weighs roughly 152 pounds (69 kg). Aries is Michael’s horoscope sign. Michael Imperioli’s eyes are hazel, and his hair is a salt-and-pepper hue.

Victoria Chlebowski Early Life

Victoria is well-known for being Michael Imperioli’s wife. In 2023, Victoria Chlebowski will be 57 years old because she was born in Russia during the Soviet Union period in 1966. Victoria was a devoted Christian despite coming from a Jewish household. Victoria Chlebowski and her husband only recently underwent a Buddhist conversion. Victoria has lived most of her life in the States of America, but her parents are originally from Russia.

Victoria Chlebowski Family

The wife of Michael Chlebowski is of Russian and American descent. Because of anti-Semitism, Raisa Chlebowski, her mother, fled Russia in 1976. In the late 2000s, Victoria’s mother had a real estate job. After immigrating to the United States, they moved into a train apartment, which Victoria admits was terrible. The stepfather of Victoria is Ryczard Chlebowski. Ryczard is a master craftsman who creates moldings and paneling. In addition, Ryczard and his daughter are working together to rebuild a theater in London.

Victoria Chlebowski Education

Victoria attended ‘Elite College’ in the States of America after graduating from a high school in California. Victoria studied Philosophy, German as well as art at Munich alongside taking art history classes at ‘Parson & The New School’.

Victoria Chlebowski Religion

Chlebowski, who was dating her future spouse, Imperioli, at the time, studied philosophy in school and read a lot of Buddhist material. They first heard lectures from “Gelek Rinpoche,” who also taught Allen Ginsberg and Phillip Glass. The three children’s parents sought refuge with Rinpoche in July 2020. The Imperioli couple has even established a center for Rinpoche to instruct at in Tribeca. Victoria and Michael are both pupils of Tibetan Buddhist teacher Namkha Rinpoche. The performer, who was born in New York, maintains that the practice has given Victoria Chlebowski more tolerance, patience, and calmness. Michael Imperioli added that his wife’s example of self-kindness had motivated him and his kids. The couple Victoria and Michael practice meditation in the evening and in the morning.

Victoria Chlebowski Marriage

What’s most remarkable is the friendship Victoria and her husband have shared since their undergraduate days. However, according to the official narrative, Victoria and Michael first connected in a bar in 1995 or 1996. Victoria told the tale in an interview in 2007, but she left out the bar’s name because she felt it was too intimate to share. The wedding took place on 19 September 1996. This took place 5 months after their initial meeting and 4 years before the Sopranos premiere.

Both Husband and Wife
Both Husband and Wife

Victoria and Michael Imperioli are the proud parents of 3 kids. Vadim, David, & Isabella are the kids. Victoria’s kid from a previous relationship, Isabella, has lived with the clan for the most of her childhood. In November 2016, Victoria’s kid was detained for spray painting. Victoria’s kid was accused of fourth-degree criminal mischief. Vadim, who once had a passion for stand-up comedy, was put on three years on probation after committing vandalism.

Victoria’s Husband Michael Imperioli

In 1988, Michael began his career. In the film Alexa, Michael Imperioli plays the little part of Acid Head. Michael proceeded to portray small roles in movies including Lean on Me’s George, A Matter of DegreesZeno’s Assistant, Goodfellas’ Spider, and Jungle Fever’s James Tucci. As Benny in HandGun, Amateur’s Doorman at Club, The Hustler in Postcards from America, and Billy in Scenes from the ‘New World’, Michael Imperioli continued to play little parts. In 1994, Michael made his tv debut on the show NYPD Blue. In the ‘Dead and Gone’ episode, Michael Imperioli played Duane Rollins.

Victoria Professional Career

Interior designer and businesswoman Victoria Chlebowski is the owner of several companies, particularly SVE New York. Victoria Chlebowski’s partnership with Sonya Chang resulted in the creation of the design firm. The wife of Michael Imperioli has worked on renovating a variety of structures throughout the years because she prefers to restore vintage items to new ones. Victoria also owns a well-known boho bar in Chelsea with her husband in addition to her interior design endeavors.

Michael Imperioli was the director of ‘Studio Dante’, an off-Broadway theater that the charming couple worked together to build. Victoria’s involvement in a movie is another intriguing fact. Joy de V. is a New York gothic dramatic thriller film that Nadia Szold wrote and directed. This isn’t Victoria Chlebowski’s only film work, either. Victoria has served as a producer on films including Circle drawers and The Hungry Ghost. Together with her spouse, Victoria Chlebowski also contributed to another documentary film.

Victoria Chlebowski Net Worth

The estimated value of Victoria Chlebowski’s assets is 500,000 dollars. Victoria Chlebowski’s primary source of income stems from her profession as an entertainer, businesswoman, and maker. Additionally, Victoria Chlebowski gains uninvolved from network television, movies, and business. Regardless, Victoria Chlebowski’s partner has had a moderately successful career. Michael owns a staggering total of 200 assets. The major source of income for Victoria’s significant other is his work as an entertainer & administrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the spouse of Michael Imperioli?

Ans. Victoria Chlebowski is married to Michael. Victoria and Michael have been living together since 1996, and they split their time between Santa Barbara, California, and Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

2. How old is the wife of Michael Imperioli?

Ans. Michael’s wife, Victoria Chlebowski, was in the Soviet Union in 1966. As a result, in 2023, Victoria Chlebowski will be 57 years old.

3. Was Victoria’s son detained?

Ans. In November 2016, Victoria’s kid was detained for spray painting. Victoria’s son was accused of fourth-degree criminal mischief. His probation for vandalism and aggravated burglary in California had already been served for three years.

4. Is Victoria Chlebowski a character in Sopranos?

Ans. Victoria has participated in a few film and documentary productions, but she is not a trained actor. However, Victoria Chlebowski’s husband is incredibly talented in the field.

5. Who is the mother of Victoria?

Ans. Raisa Chlebowski is the name of Victoria Chlebowski’s mother. In response to anti-Semitism, Raisa and her daughter escaped to their home Ukraine in 1976.

6. How did Victoria and Michael meet?

Ans. They met for the first time in a bar in the 1990s

7. Has Victoria Chlebowski ever had kids?

Ans. Vadim and David Imperioli are the couple’s two children.

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