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Types of Football Bets and Common Mistakes Bettors Make When Staking


Football betting has come a long way in the entertainment and gaming industry. Before, the only kind of bets players had access were to pool bets and limited single bets. Today, the vast number of betting opportunities available online and in brick-and-mortar casinos can be described as astounding.

Due to the increasing popularity, many different football bets have been introduced. Bettors can easily take advantage of the additional betting opportunities and have fun while winning cash. For newbies who still need to become versed with the different types of betting, here are some of the famous football bets and mistakes to avoid when betting.


This is placing a wager on several possible results to occur. To win, all developments within the parlay must be chosen correctly. Given that players must be correct on each bet in the whole wager, parlays are one of the riskiest football bets, but they offer higher rewards. At fun88, players can parlay all types of outcomes together, cutting across different events, not limiting to the moneylines and spreads but equally giving a try at future and prop bets, to name a few.

Point Spreads

A point spread is a common form of betting on football. It projects each team with either a positive (+) or negative (-) handicap, popularly known as the “line.” Gamers win point spreads by determining the winner of a game with the line projected into the final score.


With the Moneyline bet, all the player needs to do is choose who will play the game. Odds relate to each team depending on their probability of winning. The greater the favorite, the lesser the odds and payouts. The greater the underdog, the bigger the odds and the payout if the player finds a means of winning.


Also referred to as totals or shown as O/U. Oddsmakers will generate a number depending on the total points they predict will be scored during the game. The player can bet if they think the combined final score will be over or under the chosen number. 


Betting for future events, like which team will win the champion league, the MVP, and more. Future bets are offered for players to use ahead of any season and are continuously regulated as the game progresses.

Prop Bets

Prop wagers can use multiple methods and be linked to outcomes in the game. This can include the game props, adding player performance (player props), and the team’s performance (team props). 

Live/In-game betting

This football betting method allows players to bet on games in real time. The odds are active and will upgrade during the game, reliant on the ongoing action. This betting type on fun88 is usually thrilling as players can follow up and determine the results of a play.

Common mistakes made in football betting

Not watching enough football

To succeed in betting, it is vital to remain updated with current football news and get acquainted with how the different teams play. Following up with the games and reports will aid bettors in making better and more informed betting decisions.

Overreacting to or ignoring injuries

Since injuries are a standard norm in football, it is essential to stay within the news of the injury when betting on football games. There are great teams that can still perform well without their star players. On the other hand, if a striking player gets injured and dramatically affects the team, no wise bettor would want to ignore that.

Mismanaging your bankroll

Before placing the first bet, put some money away to be used as the bankroll. The quickest means of losing that bankroll is by mishandling it. Do not get greedy when winning or chase losses when losing a bet.

Betting on your favorite team

Several times, bettors can get carried away by favoritism. Refrain from getting carried by this; when players bet on their favorite teams, they are more likely to use their hearts/emotions instead of their heads/logic.

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