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The Fairy Places To Rest And Enjoy Life


Traveling around the world is one of the most fascinating hobby. You are traveling to many different countries. You learn many new cultures and meet new people. Though, there are some disadvantages as well, such as lack of money or long queues at the airport or bus stations. You can try to solve them by playing roulette online and your life will go smoother. We would love to share some fantastic places so you could plan your next year holidays. 

Vernazza, Italy

        The settlement, embodying the romantic nature of Italy, is hidden in the province of La Spezia on the coast of the Ligurian Sea between Genoa and Pisa. The picturesque cliffs that surround a small bay. Colorful houses, closely clinging to each other on the very shore of the sea. A calm and peaceful atmosphere do not leave any tourist indifferent.

       In written sources, Vernazza is mentioned already in the 11th century. During the Middle Ages, a fortified settlement protected the surrounding coast from pirate raids. At the end of the 20th century, the Cinque Terre area was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then the national park of the same name was created here. Since then, tourism has developed rapidly in the town. Although fishing and agriculture remain important sectors of the local economy.

      In 2011, the region experienced a serious flood and mudflows. It took several years for Vernazza to recover from this blow of the elements. But the seaside town returned to life and still attracts travelers with views, picturesque paths and architectural sights. Among them youwill find the church of St. Margaret of Antioch in the Ligurian Gothic style, built in the XIV century. There is a castle of the XV century, which belonged to the Doria family.

Hallstatt, Austria

    The village is located on the shores of the lake of the same name in Upper Austria. It is, despite its relative inaccessibility, perhaps the most photographed in Austria. Its tourist popularity is so great that in 2012 a local copy of Hallstatt appeared in the Chinese province of Huizhou.

     People mastered these places long before our era. As evidenced by archaeological finds in the vicinity of the village. A burial ground discovered here with a large number of burials and artifacts of the Iron Age gave the name to the Hallstatt culture. The salt mine, located near the lake, is considered the oldest known in the world.

      The Austrian village became a popular place among tourists in the 19th century. It remains so to this day, although due to the influx of travelers, local authorities have imposed restrictions on the reception of tourists. Those who are lucky enough to get to Hallstatt can admire the buildings of the village reflected in the water surface, among which the Lutheran church of the 19th century stands out, visit the salt mine and climb the mountains by funicular.

     Those are two fairy places to visit during your trip. Do not forget that our world is filled with marvelous places. Enjoy your life and travels!

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