Period Poop Meme: Ideas, Jokes, Fun, Images

Period Poop Meme

Memes which are shared right now on social media have day by day losing its essence and the theme which they are meant to be.The sarcasm and funny element is long gone, what remains and happens nowadays is the pain, mockery and unparliamentary usage of the topics for their fun. One such topic, Period Poop, is surfing the meme world in the recent past. Let us find out about this in more details.

Meme Origins: Period Poop

Periods are not new terms that have originated in just a few years. These has been in the nature of humans since forever. It is observed in women, where it is a part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina for a few days. It is normally observed as a sign of getting close to her puberty. This feels as painful as it looks, women undergo severe pain through this time and they have several mood swings as well. All the people on social media have now made this harsh experience into something relatable and funny, they laugh, giggle and share about this with their friends.

Meme Backhistory: Period Poop

People started these memes as to share their horrible experience on social media about what they actually feel during their period. As this pain of periods is only felt in girls, at first, they shared their pains and experience in a more expressive manner. Later on, the normal audience and all genders took part and now you could find the memes on this, dank humour and sarcastic touch to the pains of other people.

Period Poop Meme

Meme Popularity: Period Poop

Although it has never been into the trending charts of meme history, yet every now and then, memes on these are always being shared. People love sharing their personal things on social media and this period poops has gained a lot of attention from the audience. The generation z has a reputation for making mockery, fun and having a blast on other’s pain. Majority of the time these memes may look good as if girls want to share, but the boys also take part in it and make fun of such pain which they can’t even feel.

Meme Impact

The impact of these memes leave behind a long tail of emotions in the people they share into, especially girls. All the memes are intended to be fun and sarcastic but the memes nowadays have lost their mojo, hence those targeted memes and so much mockery may ot be received by everyone in such great harmony. Boys, girls and other genders take part in the mockery marathon over this topic. It surely has a very diverse and adverse effect on the audience especially girls, because nobody likes to have their pains getting fun on. Moreover there are many girls who feel little relieved from these memes as well, they surely have a sense of support coming from all the remaining girls on the social media in support. Hence there are both positive and negative aspects from and through these memes.

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