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Just Wish

Just Wish, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), has indeed changed the future of several essential beings around the world in an ever-inspiring way. Started in the summer of 2017 by Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh, Just Wish has indeed played a great role in helping many unprivileged people in society.
At the time of two strong COVID-19 waves, that did hit India massively, taking several lives, Just Wish worked hard to provide food, sanitation products and other essential things for making sure that several lives can serve. It was truly crucial at that time basic needs should be given to those who needed them the most.

They even provided facemasks to the Uttar Pradesh Police in the first wave as there was a huge shortage of facemasks at that time. Growing trees must be an essential part of their aims and goals as they do post a lot of things about growing trees on their socials. In India, Just Wish tries to grow trees for making this world a better place for all. Trees do help the world massively to create a great mark of fresh air. In cities like New Delhi, the pollution rate does hit people in a drastic way. It does dangerously impact the functions of society.
Just Wish has helped sevreal government and non-government schools to get basic needs. In Nodia sector 64, Just Wish plays a major role in helping a government school with basic needs and all. They even gave projectors to the school on 11 of November 2021 for making sure that young children can get the best base possible for becoming sound professionals.

Just Wish is also making sure that animals do have natural spaces to live life in a productive manner. As humans want comfort, it is taking a lot from nature. Growing trees near jungles do solve a problem. However, there are other things that should be worried about making sure that there is a clear path in making this world a better place for all.

There are several NGOs like Just Wish in the world, proving a ligt of hope. However, there is still a need to do a lot for creating a platform where everyone can see hope to make things better. There are indeed many examples where help from NGOs do have created real-life heroes. With having more help, a lot many things can be changed. At the end of the day, it is all about putting that extra effort into making sure that humans, trees, animals and other parts can make the most of their talents. It is indeed the normal duty of every human to give it back to the Earth. Human beings are indeed taking a lot but are not giving back the same. So having more is always a better idea.

Hence, giving donations to these NGOs can only do better. Even a pound can play a crucial role to make a change. Click on the following link for knowing more about Just Wish and how they are trying to make this world a better place.

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