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Julian Henry De Niro – Son of Robert De Niro, Bio, Life, Career & More

  • Julian Henry De Niro – celebrity son
  • Father – Robert De Niro – Hollywood star actor
  • Mother – Toukie Smith – Hollywood actor, model, artist

Julian Henry De Niro is the celebrity son of the Hollywood star Robert De Niro. He is one of the five children of the Celebrity couple Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith. Toukie Smith is also a well-known artist and model in Hollywood. Let us know more details about Julian Henry De Niro.


  • Julian born – 20th Oct, 1995
  • Age – 27 years
  • No info of childhood
  • Graduation – University of America
  • Star Sign – Capricorn

Julian was born on 20th October, 1995 and currently works as an entrepreneur. He loves a very private life hence not much information is available about his childhood and his current occupation but we do know that he graduated from the University of America and successfully running his entrepreneurial business. He is currently 25 years old and his star sign is Capricorn.


  • Athletic, gym build body
  • Hair – black
  • Eyes – dark brown
  • Height -5 ft 9 Inches
  • Weight – 65 kgs
  • Julian ethnicity – Italian American
  • Father ethnicity – Italian Cuacasian
  • Mother Ethnicity – African American

Julian Henry De Niro is extremely athletic and has a good gym build body as he loves playing basketball, football and other outdoor sports. He is a 5 ft 9 inches tall handsome man with attractive dark brown eyes and black hair which he compliments with a weight of 65 kgs.

He comes from Italian American ethnicity as his father Robert De Niro is Caucasian American and her mother is African American as his ancestry comes from Italy as his father comes from Italian Ancestry whereas his mother comes from American and all English ancestry.


  • No info on personal life
  • Doesn’t like media attention
  • No dating or no affairs
  • Luxury lifestyle

Julian is very private about his personal life hence there is not much information regarding his personal life. There are no rumours or even talks about his girlfriend as he doesn’t like being in the media attention even though being the son of a Hollywood megastar. Julian lives the luxury lifestyle in America and is successfully leading an entrepreneur life.


  • Julian – celebrity son of Hollywood actors
  • Father – Robert De Niro – Hollywood Megastar
  • Mother – Toukie Smith – Hollywood actor, model
  • Five siblings – Aaron Kendrek, Raphel, Elliot, Drena and Helen De Niro
  • Julian – born by Vitro-fertilization by surrogacy

Julian Henry De Niro is the celebrity son of Hollywood megastar Robert De Niro and well known artist and model Toukie Smith. Although the celebrity couple were in a relationship, Julian was not born from a normal pregnancy but was conceived by Vitro – fertilization using surrogacy just like his twin brother Aaron. When Julian was one year old they both got separated but raised their children separately. Julian has a total of five siblings, twin brother Aaron Kendrek De Nero, two older half brothers Raphel De Niro and Elliot De Nero and two older half sisters Drena De Niro and Helen Grace.


Julian Henry De Niro does have siblings that are worth talking about. He is blessed to have three brothers and two sisters in his life. On 18 March 1998, Elliot De Niro did grace this world. He is famous for being a huge fan of Tennis. His elder brother Raphael De Niro is famous for being a real estate broker. He did work as an actor too. He has a bro Julian Henry De Niro. Her elder sister Drena De Niro is a an American actress and filmmaker. She is not the biological child of Robert De Niro but is the adoptive child.

Helen Grace is the fifth sibling of Julian. As they did have luxurious childhood, Julian never felt that the siblings are not getting anything they wanted to have. All four of the brothers used to watch WWE and were huge fans of the brand. For Julian, Drena has played the biggest role to make who he is know. He once said that out of every sibling, Drena is the one he likes the most and feels connected with.

He sees her as a mother figure, which does talk a lot about the bond they share. Due to their father, much of the success has come to them. While Drena is adopted, Elliot  and Halen’s mother is Grace Hightower, Diahnne Abbott is the mother of Raphael and Aaron and Julian have same mother Toukie Smith. In fact, they are twins and do share the birthday on 20 Oct.


  • No info about career
  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Small acting career – role in ‘In Dubious Battle’ as ‘Billy’
  • Likes business career than acting career

Julian is a very closed person and doesn’t want any unwanted attention on him hence there is not much information regarding his current occupation. He is known as a successful entrepreneur at the age of 25 as he loves business more than his acting, as his short cameo and acting career didn’t last long.

He appeared in the film ‘In Dubious Battle’ for the role of Billy but he didn’t like the acting career that much. There is not much information available about his entrepreneurial career but he is going good and has a high success rate as said by his father Robert De Niro.


  • No exact info of net worth
  • Julian net worth – $3 million
  • Might vary – Future entrepreneur career may affect

Julian is a celebrity son and successful 25 year old entrepreneur on his own. He lives luxurious lifestyle in America and with his five other siblings, the entire billions of dollar worth of assets of his legendary Hollywood megastar, are being shared among them.

There is no exact information about this net worth but the approximate net worth of Julian stands at around $3 million and might vary as he is also successful businessman and can add many more million dollars in the near future.

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1. Who is the biological father of Drena De Niro?

Ans. Robert De Niro is the adopted father of Drena De Niro. Robert did adopt her, so there is no info about her biological father.

2. Who is the mother of Julian De Niro?

Ans. Toukie Smith is the mother of Julian De Niro.

3. What is the age of Julian De Niro’s father, Robert De Niro?

Ans. Robert De Niro is currently 79 years old.

4. How many siblings Julian De Niro’s have?

Ans. Julian De Niro’s life is blessed to have five siblings – three brothers and two sisters.

5. What is Julian Henry‘s true ethnicity?

Ans. For his father’s side he has white ethnicity following Irish, English, Dutch, German, and French. From his mother’s side, he does share American-African roots.

6. Is Julian Henry Married?

Ans. Julian Henry De Niro is not married yet.

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