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John Wick Comic

John Wick Comic: Introduction

Comic means something that aims at causing laughter or comedy. Comics are a medium of narrating a story via different pictures. These books generally have a very few words. It is typically drafted with panels of images in sequence. Different textual devices mainly onomatopoeia and captions are noticed in a comic strip. Cartooning and image forming are most common practice whole drawing or depicting stories via the comics. Comics can also be traced back to centuries back, since the ancient people also had the medium of images to convey messages, those cravings on the stone can still be found on the caves. 

John Wick comic series is an American comic book limited series which is written by Greg Pak and drawn by Giovanni Valletta – for issues 1 and 2; and Matt Gaudio from issues 3–5. It was Published by the Dynamite Entertainment, it is an extremely successful American comic publishers, it had acquired the publication works of some major books like the boys, terminator, Alice in wonder and many more. The john wick series is a prequel to the neo-noir action-thriller , a media franchise of the same name. It was created by the screenwriter Derek Kolstad , starring Keanu Reeves as John Wick, with the comic book using Reeves’ likeness for the character. The series starts with the chronicles a young John Wick after his release from prison and then his first vendetta. John Wick comic series was originally published between November 2017 and February 2019, but it was published as a graphic novel in March 2020. The series has a total of 5 issues. The colorists of the series are David Curiel and Inlight Studios.

John Wick Comic

The plot: John Wick Comic

The story revolves around the life events of John Wick after he emerges from the prison and when he encounters his first feud, an epic vendetta. He goes up against a strange yet very powerful community of assassins and he has to learn how to master the book of rules which is responsible for guiding their lethal business.

The characters

John wick – he is also known as Johnny and Jardani and a few times as Jovanocvich. He is a freelance assassin who is embarking on a vendetta for the murder of his entire village which took twelve years earlier from when the series began.

Charon – Charon was a concierge at the continental hotel sought out by the three bills.

 The three bills – this is a trio of assassins who were formerly associated with Wick. The trio includes Peco, Buffalo and Billy

Calamity – this is the three bills insane former Bazooka- wielding enforcer and the true target of Wick’s vendetta

Maria – an adjudicator of the high table interested in acquiring wick’s service

Apart from all these characters repeatedly seen in the comics. There are a number of more characters who made an appearance in the movie adaption of the same like – Viggo Tarasov, Losef Tarasov, Ms Perkins, Helen Wick, Avi { also known as Viggo’s right hand }, Winston, Aurelio, Marcus and Charlie.

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