How to Get Into a Crypto World in 2022


Literally everyone who intends to save or multiply their savings has at least once thought about entering the cryptocurrency market. There are many breathtaking stories about cryptocurrencies and how newcomers increased their capital dozens of times in just a few days or weeks. However, no one talks about those who failed in their first steps and not only failed to become as rich as those who hit a jackpot at an online casino but also lost all their savings. To avoid this, know where to start diving into the world of cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Why Come to the Crypto Market?

This is the question everyone who is planning to start working with cryptocurrency should start with. There are many variants of answers, which can be summarized here:

  • Learn everything about how the crypto world works and how digital assets work. As a result, create your own unique project, which will bring fame and huge money. The goal is worthy, but short review articles on popular Internet portals or sites about investing will hardly help such enthusiasts. For them, there are specialized developer resources where you can find answers to almost any question.
  • To perform monetary transactions without restrictions, currency regulations, compulsory identification and other conventions, which the traditional financial system is rich with. For such people, getting started in the crypto market is the easiest thing to do. They just need to know where to buy and store digital assets, how to transfer them, how much it costs, and how to exchange them back into real money.
  • They can save their savings and multiply them. The audience of such potential cryptocurrency users is the largest and their path to the crypto market is somewhat longer than that of the previous group. Besides the initial information already listed, they will have to learn how to choose assets for investments, how to make money, and the risks they will face.

However, everything necessary for the second and third groups is available on the Internet. It will be easy to find the necessary information – if there is a desire to work with it.

Minimum Theoretical Information

Every market participant needs at least a minimum amount of theoretical knowledge to feel comfortable in dealing with cryptocurrency:

  • What is blockchain?
  • How does a smart contract work?
  • What are altcoins?
  • What is the difference between coins and tokens?
  • What is Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS), what is the difference between them?
  • What is mining and staking?

These are just a small part of questions, the answers to which are obligatory for those who are going to work with cryptocurrencies and earn on them. You will have to get the answers to them on your own or with someone else’s help. And this is a mandatory and one of the most important steps for a beginning crypto investor.

Finding and studying these basics will not require much time or effort. Most of the answers to these and other important questions are easily contained in a text that a schoolboy can read and fully understand in 2-3 minutes. After 2-3 days, a beginner will have no problem understanding what is being said in the reviews and forecasts of those who consider themselves professionals.


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