How to Clean and Care for Your Freestanding Bathtub?


Do you have a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom? If not, then you should watch out for the upcoming deal of freestanding baths for sale. If you already own one, you are way ahead of others regarding having a luxurious bathroom interior.

A freestanding bath in the centre of your bathroom is a statement piece. Keeping it sparkling clean is not just for showcasing but also gives your bath a longer lifetime.

That being said, cleaning your bathtubs well every two weeks is essential. If you think it is tedious to keep your freestanding baths clean – it’s not.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of bathtub cleaning.

Your freestanding tub has a smooth and non-porous surface, so it remains pretty clean of general grime build-up. Still, it is crucial to step in and ensure that your bath is squeaky clean and its top-class quality is maintained.

All you have to do is follow some simple cleaning techniques.

10 Do’s of Bathtub Cleaning

  • Do keep in mind the material of your bathtub, as your cleaning procedure will depend on the material.
  • To ensure that you are using the right ways of cleaning, refer to the manual for cleaning instructions.
  • Do use mild soaps and solutions on your bathtub. You can preferably use natural ingredients from your kitchen, such as baking soda, white vinegar, etc. 
  • Always remove any free hair resting in the bathtub or drain before cleaning.
  • Wipe your bathtub after every use with a soft cleaning fabric. This ensures that there would be no remaining water droplets to stain your tub.
  • Take a few seconds after each bath to rinse your bathtub with nothing fancy, just plain water.
  • Pay more attention to your regular rinsing of the bathtub when you use bath oils. Bath oils can stick to the tub, make it slimy, and store dirt.
  • Use a gentle cleanser each week to clean your freestanding bathtub. If there are soap scums, dew build-up, or stains, use a brush on the target areas.
  • Deep clean your tub every month to remove any mineral build-up, rust, mildew, mould, or stains.
  • Use water and vinegar solution or rubbing alcohol on tough stains on your bathtub. Add a few drops of any essential oil you like to mask the smell of vinegar.

5 Don’ts of Bathtub Cleaning

  • Don’t use acidic solutions to clean your bathtub daily, as they can erode the surface. While using vinegar, add a sufficient amount of water to make it less concentrated.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like – thinners, kerosene, dry cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, etc., for cleaning. These chemicals make your tubs rough and dull.
  • Don’t use steel wools, rough scrubbing pads, etc., to clean your tub, as they can lead to scratches.
  • Do not use metal scrubbers or razor blades to scratch out stains. This can compromise the whole quality and look of your bathtub.
  • Don’t forget to keep your tub drain clean and clog-free.

Finishing Up

Having a fancy shiny bathtub comes with a lot of effort behind maintaining it. However, the steps to keeping it clean don’t have to be too tedious. 

All available freestanding baths for sale come with their cleaning instructions. After every bath, you need to ensure that your tub is free from any product or oils and is rinsed regularly. 

All you need is some dedicated daily cleansing routines with the right products in the right manner. You’ll be surprised how easily you can maintain a sparkling bath with at-home tips.