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Hacked Meme

Memes are quite popular on social media and the entire social media is now running on software, hence hacking term is very popular. In social media, hacked memes are a very common topic while discussing forgotten accounts, hacking terms, etc. Let us know about this meme in more brief.


There are more than hundreds of templates on hacked concepts. The most famous ones being ‘Hackerman’, ‘Hacker gonna hack’ and ‘Ryan Beckford’. Hackerman originated from the image of Rami Malek who was seen dressing in his on-screen character Elliot Alderson from the TV Show Mr. Robot.hacker gonna hack, was rephrased after the popular phrase said by former German Federal Minister Thomas de Maiziere. He said “Haters gonna hate”, where the meme was later modified to “Hackers gonna hack ”. Ryan Beckford is a famous youtuber, in one of his videos , he was using a toy laptop and gave a funny expression as if he was doing something on it. That expression led to various hacker memes, face of hackers, etc.


Hacked and theft of personal information on social media are very common terms in this technological advanced generation. People hack simplest of data like social media passwords, to the most confidential piece of info such as account details and all that sensitive stuff.nowadays, those memes are surfing double the speed of light. People love them and share the daily activities which could lead to any hacking thing through memes.

Hacked Meme


Hacked memes and the concepts applicable to their own lives, is what makes this meme very relatable and people love creating even more templates on them. There are no specific templates for this template but people do share their thoughts and ideas though memes, creatively using various templates and funny satirical tone in those memes.


All these memes were fun intended, and nobody was mocked through the memes. Therefore there are no cases of controversies over this meme and people love making and creating memes on this topic. There is no mockery, or fun intended on people who are hacked, instead people make memes, on possible hacking options, how hackers may look like, and how it looks if we are also like them. All goes in a funny direction and humour is intact majority of the time, whenever the memes are created and shared.

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