Everything to Keep in Mind Before Visiting an Aquarium Store


If you’re a fish enthusiast, you’ve been to an aquarium store at least once. It’s not just about the fish; it’s a community of people passionate about aquatic animals and their habitats. And if you’re new to this world, navigating the waters (pun intended) can be tricky! That’s why these tips will help with what to expect when visiting an aquarium store in Brisbane:

The aquarium store industry has grown steadily in Brisbane in the past five years. The number of stores increased by 30% during that period, and the average revenue per store increased by 28%. So this trend is expected to continue into 2023, and the growth is likely due to increased interest from both hobbyists and professionals. Hobbyists typically purchase their first aquariums as part of their childhood, but many continue into adulthood, keeping their fish as companions or for aesthetic reasons.

Professional aquarium keepers are also growing, with businesses such as marine research facilities and pet stores using large fish tanks to house animals for display or experimentation.

Fish You’re Considering Keeping at Home Have Special Needs

When you buy your first fish, you must also purchase a tank and other equipment. These can be expensive, so you must ensure that the fish you are considering is compatible with your budget. If not, a shorter-term aquarium hobby would be better.

The type and size of the tank that is required depend on the species you want and how many fish are in it; however, most tanks come standard with filters that help keep the water clean while giving oxygen back into it. This helps keep your new friends happy and safe from sicknesses or parasites.

Buying Fish Means Buying Equipment

It’s essential to remember that buying a fish tank and the equipment needed to maintain it is costly. You’ll need an aquarium, tank and stand, filter and heater, under gravel filter (UGF), air pump and air stone—not including decorating your tank!

Also, remember that your fish will need some companionship; it’s never fun for them to be alone for too long. You might have seen videos on Facebook or Instagram of bettas being put into cups (illegal); this isn’t recommended because they’re social animals who enjoy living together.

Take Time to Do Some Research Beforehand

Before visiting an aquarium store, it’s essential to do some research. So below are three things to think about before visiting one:

  • What are your needs?
  • Where is the best place for you to buy an aquarium?
  • Will you be purchasing online or in person?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The staff is there to help so ask them about the equipment you’ll need and whether or not it will fit in your home. Also, ask about the cost of maintenance, food for your fish, and other supplies.

The Store Should Take Your Concerns Seriously

If you’re considering purchasing a fish tank, it’s essential to find one that treats its customers respectfully and takes their concerns seriously. You should feel comfortable asking questions about the different types of fish available and any equipment or food requirements they might have.

A Great Place to Meet Other Hobbyists

Your local aquarium store in Brisbane is great for meeting other hobbyists. And if you’re new to the hobby, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about fish and equipment. There are plenty of people who would be happy to answer your questions and give you advice, as well as experienced hobbyists who can teach you some tricks for keeping your fish healthy.

In conclusion, your local store is a great place to meet other hobbyists. You can ask them questions and learn from their experience. A good store will also be able to give you advice on fish care and help you find the right equipment for your home aquarium.