Class Of White Silk Dress: Info, Reviews

White Silk Dress

A white silk dress is foremost the most soothing and eye pleasing dress. It oozes out elegance and class. the dress is itself made out of one of the most expensive fabrics, thus is a symbol of the rich. The dress is a signature mark of simplicity yet is immune to forgettability. The white colour is  associated with peace and harmony, also with elegance and class.

Hardships white behind silk

The fabric is silk, which isn’t grown but has to be harvested. Silk is quite expensive because of all the time and efforts that have to be put in order to acquire it. Silk has to be harvested from silk worms, thus it is an animal fibre. The silk worms spin themselves in the cocoons on their journey to be moths. The silk is harvest from the cocoon in the raw state by boiling it in hot water , with the worms still inside, and stirred until the silk unravels.

That is just step one on the way of making that ultra-smooth white silk dress that is ready to be worn to any occasion. This step is known as seri-culture. After obtaining of thread like structures from the process of sericulture, the threads are bought together to be spun after dyeing. They are spun and weaved until the fabric is prepared and then finishing touches are give to the fabric. Now, the silk fabric is ready to be cut out and sewn to be made into those elegant dresses.

The occasions for a white silk dress

The silk dresses are suitable for every occasion even traditional weddings, be it Indian weddings or Christian weddings; the silk can be sewn into beautiful sarees and gowns for the same purpose. These very dresses can also be worn out to family dinners, in parties, for dates and any other ever possible occasion, because there is no such event or function where a silk dress cannot be worn.

White Silk Dress
White Silk Dress: A review!

Not only as elegant party dresses, the ancient history clearly has testimonies which say that emperors and empresses’ in their ruling reign were very fond of silk, they not only wore silk to functions and wedding but even they had their night wears to be made out of silk. Silk is thus directly associated with royalty.

The forever companions

In the contemporary world too, the celebs are also very keen of silk dresses. Celebs ae often spotted in silk dresses for dinner parties and award functions. It is very trendy because it is worn by famous celebs whereas the celebs wear it because of other reasons mentioned above. The dress never goes out of trend. A silk white dress pairs well with both gold and silver jewellery. Watches make the outfit look even more extravagant with simple makeup only with bold lip-shades and simple hair- do’s. A silk dress is always a win- win since it looks s=simple and yet remarkable in a way that it leaves a long lasting streak in everybody’s mind.

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