Best Coworking Spaces in Downtown Toronto


Coworking space is fast becoming a popular solution have supply near me for remote workers and people looking to change their usual working areas. Whether you’re looking for a creative, quiet, collaborative, or busting workspace in Toronto, there is something for everybody’s needs. Here are some of the best coworking spaces in downtown Toronto.

1. Loco Space

Loco Space is a community-based coworking space located in the central part of downtown Toronto. This coworking space Toronto is more than 6,000 square feet of sufficient workspace that will inspire you to be productive. Are you looking for the ideal space to host an event? Loco Space is designed to accommodate various gatherings and meetings. There are training and conference rooms, a massive convertible event space complete with a stage, and a media room. The event space section is ideal for a panel or keynote discussion. Other things you’ll enjoy about Loco Space include:

·        Flexible membership payment plans

·        Green space ideal for boosting your well-being

·        Dog-friendly space

2. Center for Social Innovation

This space was launched in 2003. It was meant to become a workspace for socially aware entrepreneurs who lacked a physical office. Center for Social Innovation (CSI) became a hub for people developing new solutions to transform the world. CSI has four locations in various parts of Toronto and provides dedicated desks, private offices, lounges, meeting rooms, and hot desks for interested parties. Here are some of the amenities available at the Center for Social Innovation.

·       Printing services

·       24/7 WiFi access

·       Flip charts

·       Phone booths

·       Maker Space

·       Audiovisual equipment

·       Coffee or tea

·       Kitchen

CSI organizes networking events and is also dog friendly

Prices vary as follows:

·          Hot desk: $150 for 20 hours monthly and $250 for $60 monthly

·          Private Office $1,250 monthly

·          Dedicated desk $550 monthly

·          Team tables $1,210 monthly

3. District 28

District 28 is a multiple media facility measuring 18,000 ft. It features post-production chambers, meeting rooms, a lounge, a coworking space, a 4k screening room, and private offices. Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for the ideal location to grow your craft and business? District 28 is the perfect space where you will enjoy a wide range of amenities like:

·       24/7 WiFi access

·       An outdoor area

·       Parking area

·       Kitchen

·       Tea or coffee

Pricing varies based on the area you choose, as seen below.

·       Creative area: $200 per month

·       Common area: $110 per month

·       Dedicated desk: the starting price is $395 per month

·       Hot desk: $275 per month

·       Private office: the starting price is $1,100 per month

4. Workhaus Toronto

Workhaus is a coworking space famed for providing value and its critical locations around Toronto. Besides its excellent amenities, this facility offers various programs, workshops, and events to enhance your experience. The amenities in this facility include:

·       Printing services

·       24/7 WiFi access

·       Board room

·       Meeting rooms

Prices vary based on preferred services, as seen below.

·       Hot desk: the starting price is $350 per month

·       Private office: the starting price is $1,600 per month

·       Dedicated desk: the starting price is $495 monthly

5. Workplace One

This coworking space is available in five breathtaking locations across Toronto, designed to meet the user’s collaborative and productivity needs. Workplace One offers:

·       Cafe booths

·       Desks

·       Glass-walled private offices

·       Outdoor patios

·       Lounges

·       Meeting areas

·       Wellness room

·       Printing services

·       Round-the-clock WiFi access

·       Audiovisual equipment

·       Phone plans

·       Underground parking

·       IT plans

Pricing plans vary as follows

·       Day pass: $25 daily

·       Private office starting at $565 monthly

·       Coworking area’s starting price is $350 monthly

·       HQ suite price is to be communicated upon calling the Workplace One offices

·       Dedicated desk’s starting price is $450 per month

6. Devhub

If you are a developer, this coworking space in Toronto is ideal, whether you are experienced or a beginner in the industry. The facility is located at the hub of Toronto’s technology scene and allows you to learn and train people interested in coding. At Devhub, you will get the following:

·       Round-the-clock WiFi access

·       Tea or coffee

·       Meeting rooms

·       Event space

·       A dog-friendly environment

·       A supportive community

·       Networking events

Pricing varies as follows:

·       Day pass: $15 daily

·       Hot desk: $350

·       Lounge access: $250 per month

·       Private pricing communicated upon request


Finding the ideal coworking space is crucial to enhance your productivity. This article will ease your search if you are looking for the best coworking space in downtown Toronto.