Benefits of visiting a contact lens specialist



Contact lenses are one of the finest ways to correct impaired vision, but they can be tricky. For example, a contact lens specialist can measure your eyes and create perfectly fit lenses.

They also know the latest advances in contact lens technology, including newer materials used in making them and different designs that improve comfort or vision quality. Specialists also have access to more specialised equipment like autorefractors during patient visits.

Professional Measuring Techniques

Professional measuring techniques are essential because they affect the health of your eyes. A contact lens specialist can perform a more accurate measurement than you can to ensure that your contacts fit correctly, which helps reduce the risk of eye infections and other problems. There are many different ways that a professional will measure your eyes, including using a hand-held device or special machines. However, they all involve using either an instrument or software that calculates the curvature of each cornea.

The most common method practitioners use is keratometry, which involves shining light into an eye and measuring its reflection to determine size and shape. In addition to this method being more accurate than self-measuring techniques like paper tape measurements or callipers (which can also be used), it has other benefits such as:

• Improving long-term vision through more transparent lenses;

• Reducing symptoms from dry eyes;

• Being more comfortable overall with less frequent visits necessary due to better fitting contacts

Customised Solutions

When you visit a contact lens specialist, they can get a more accurate measurement of your eyes and customise the solution to fit your needs. This is especially important if you have astigmatism or dry eyes. Specialists can try different solutions and create custom solutions for you.

The most suitable contact lenses for dry eyes are those with high-water content. This will help prevent the lens from drying out, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Dry eye sufferers should also seek a solution with anti-inflammatory ingredients, as these will help calm down any redness or swelling your condition may cause.

Longer-Wearing Lenses

One of the benefits that you can expect when visiting an eye care specialist is that they can help you find the right contact lenses for your eyes. For example, if you wear contacts daily and have noticed that they are not fitting correctly or are causing irritation, then a specialist can help find the right solution.

This benefit also applies to those who have been told by their optometrist (or ophthalmologist) that specific contact lenses may not be suitable for them due to their particular conditions or needs. A specialist can often provide alternative solutions that offer all the same benefits but cater specifically to your requirements.

Another benefit of seeing an eye care professional is that they can offer advice on how long-wearing contact lenses should be used for different activities and lifestyles.

Specialists are better at what they do.

Specialists are better at what they do. They have more experience, training, equipment, knowledge and skills than your regular eye doctor. Specialists know how to prescribe contact lenses to fit your specific needs and help you avoid complications like infections or irritation using the latest technology.


In conclusion, contact lenses can offer many benefits and make life easier. However, it’s essential to know that they are only for some. If you’re considering getting them fitted, speak to your optometrist about which type would suit you best.