Baki Hanma Wallpaper: Ideas, Look, Touch, Feel

Baki Hanma Wallpaper

Baki Hanma is the main character and protagonist of the anime series Baki the Grappler franchise. Baki the grappler is a Japanese manga series which was written and illustrated by the Keisuke Itagaki. This series was originally serialised in the Shonen manga magazine, weekly Shonen champion from the year 1991 to 1999 and it was collected into 42 tankobon volumes by Akita Shoten. At the age of 13 Baki decided to take his training into his own hands to perform the more extreme training in his father’s footsteps. He also later aims to defeat him. Baki Hanma at the first thought that there are no rules at the fifteen and went on to become its champion. Hanma is the son of the Yuujirou Hanma, and Emi Akezawa and the half-brother is jack Hanma. He is known as the champion of the underground arena in the Dome of Tokyo. series of the manga he’s often called as the ‘world’s strongest boy’.


He is usually a very laidback, carefree, hard-training and sometimes a very aggressive teenage boy throughout most of the anime series. His father whose name did Yuujirou Hanma, who is constantly indisputably considered as the strongest man alive. However, Baki Hanma always dream is not to replace the Yuujirou, as the strongest man alive, but he always wants only to become the strongest enough to defeat him. This goal of Baki Hanma stems from a natural desire to surpass his father and also avenge his mother Emi Akezawa whom Yuujirou murdered.


Baki Hanma overall appearance is very strong he is a boy that stands approximately 5’6 height and his appearance got drastically changes throughout the series as he is getting older. Baki’s very first initial appearances is at the beginning of the grappler Baki when he is just 17-year-old and is that of a somewhat childlike demeanor, with having a short hair that is a long in the back. Throughout the whole anime series, Baki is shown to have a very scarred body all around because of the diligent and uncompromising training that he puts towards himself through, with the only exception being his face. Another very noticeable feature of the Baki’s appearance is his mole which is just above his upper left on the side (This is a physical trait which he shares with his mother, Emi Akezawa)


As most of the people love the anime series and they are really inspired by the Baki Hanma manga. People also gets inspired by the name and the theme and they started using different wallpaper and also used Baki Hanma wallpaper. They really get fascinated by their character and their overall appearance which is shown in that anime series. It looks very cool and different to use that as a wallpaper.

So here are some of the Baki Hanma wallpaper idea which you can try and apply:

  • Demo Baki Hanma wallpaper.
  • Yujiro Baki Hanma wallpaper.
  • Baki Hanma 4K wallpaper.
  • Baki body wallpaper.
  • aesthetic Baki Hanma wallpaper.

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