Atsushi Sendo: Every Crucial Info To Know About

Atsushi Sendo

Atsushi Sendo is a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Persona: Atsushi Sendo

Atsushi portrays a feel of sturdy self-assurance as he’s the chief of his small institution of delinquents. As the leader of the institution, Atsushi cares for his buddies. He knows that Takuya Yamamoto is not proper at preventing and needed to take his vicinity, so that Takuya does not get hurt. He turned into geared up to kill Masataka Kiyomizu to be able to shop himself and his pals from the slavery as he could not see another manner out.

Atsushi Sendo
Best of Atsushi Sendo

Inside the gift after Tetta Kisaki took over Tokyo Manji Gang and the first time jump, Atsushi have become an admin in Toman. He started to accept as true with that Takemichi could time journey and requested Naoto Tachibana to save him while Atsushi pushed him at the educate tracks. Atsushi could not endure to take any more orders from Tetta and determined to stop his existence.

Abilities: Atsushi Sendo

Fighting Prowess
Akkun is a below common fighter.
• The call Atsushi approach “kindness, honesty/honest”.
• Atsushi’s surname Sendo way “thousand” (sen) and “hall” (dō).

Atsushi Sendo: Trivia

  • Consistent with the reliable individual ebook:
  • His photo coloration is orange.
  • Atsushi likes regent hairstyle.
  • He dislikes punch perm coiffure.
  • The individual he respects or respect is Elvis Presley.
  • His dream is to be a hair stylist.
  • Atsushi‘s heroic tale (or failure story): At the doorway rite, he beat up the lame delinquent who had been glaring at him. It changed into Takemichi.
  • His preferred spot is the Harajuku splendor salon this is run with the aid of his cousin.
  • Atsushi relationship chart (in the beyond):
  • Takemichi: Admires his guts
  • Makoto, Takuya, and Yamagishi: buddies
  • Manufacturer: Contents Seed
  • Fabric: Acrylic
  • Series: Acrylic Stand
  • Unique: Tokyo Revengers
  • Release Date: late Sep., 2021
  • Japan code: 4573547891210

Crucial Info:

Atsushi Sendo has a plum pompadour adorned with several hair clips and light heather eyes. He wears a trendy school uniform. Atsushi portrays an experience of sturdy self-assurance as he’s the chief of his small organization of delinquents. as the chief of the group, Atsushi cares for his pals.

Atsushi Sendo
Class of Atsushi Sendo

He is aware of that Takuya isn’t always properly at preventing and wanted to take his region, so that Takuya does not get hurt. Atsushi became ready to kill Kiyomasa a good way to shop himself and his pals from the slavery as he could not see some other way out. within the gift after Tetta Kisaki took over Tokyo Manji Gang and the primary time bounce, Atsushi have become an admin in Toman. He started to believe that Takemichi could time journey and asked Naoto to shop him whilst Atsushi pushed him at the train tracks. Atsushi couldn’t undergo to take any more orders from Tetta and determined to stop his life.
DATE OF delivery
December 2d 1991
174.00 cm
59.00 kg
BLOOD kind

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