A summary of the most detailed football betting terms


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In football betting, there are many different terms, even local slang words are also used, so that not every player can fully understand. To understand the terminology when betting. Let’s learn more about football betting terms with Kenya betting site in the article below.

                         What is the term “football betting”?

Football betting terms are words or phrases used to refer to the activities involved in football betting. Each form of play and different ways of playing will have different terms, so players need to understand and grasp all football betting terms to be able to play well. Avoid mistakes caused by ignorance.

                 How to read the most detailed football betting terms

Football betting terms refer to bet types

Terminology included in the Over/Under contract

Over (Over/O): The over bet wins if the total number of goals is greater than the house’s odds.

Under (Under/Un): Under bet wins if the total number of goals is less than the house’s odds.

                      Terminology included in European rafters

1: bet the home team wins.

2: bet the away team wins.

X: bet 2 teams draw.

1X: bet the home team wins or draws.

2X: bet the away team win or draw.

1 x 2: European handicap.

                           Terms included in Asian rafters

Handicap: Asian Handicap.

Handicap / odds: the odds offered by the house.

Odds: the odds against paying the bet.

Handicap: Handicap team, upper door team.

Under Handicap: Handicap team, underdog team.

HT (Half Time): 1st half time, half match.

FT (Full Time): Time to play the whole match.

ET (Extra Time): Extra playing time.

Win Full: win enough money.

Lose Full: lose all money.

Win Half: win half money.

Lose Half: You will lose half of your money.

Pen: penalty kick.

Running bets: bets placed while the match is in progress.

CS (Correct Score): bet on the exact score of the match.

                                 Basic football betting terms

Kick Off Handicap: A bet used to serve.

Penalty bets: bet on the number of penalty cards appearing in the match.

O/E (Odd/Event): bet the total number of goals is even or odd.

Double: bet on two items.

Parlay: parlay bet or pool bet

Ante-post: bets before the event.

Each Way: half the bet is on the winning team, the other half is on teams in other rankings.

Nap: best bet of the day.

Gamebling: a betting game.

Drift: only the price of the rafter increases.

Bookie/Bookmaker: only football betting house.

Bettor/Punter: only players who bet on football.

                       Football betting terms of communication

Main ball: only the biggest ball leagues.

Grass balls: only small balls; few people are interested.

Fragrant bets: those that look like they want to join right away.

Rotten bets: bets that look like they don’t want to play.

Sister: only the house.

Slots: bets with low odds.

Loose: play hard without worrying.

Explosion: The match has a goal.

Tach: lose the bet.

Demolition: Put all capital into a single rafter.

                        Effective football betting experience

Know how to read and understand all the football betting terms to be able to bet effectively.

To ensure that there are no risks when playing, players should understand how to select a house that is legally licensed to operate and meets all conditions.best meet players’ needs.

Always learn, and learn to accumulate the most effective skills and experiences for yourself. It is necessary to know how to plan before participating in the game to comply with the set plans, and to know how to manage and use capital appropriately.


The above is a summary of the most detailed football betting terms, in hopes of being able to help players when participating in football betting. In addition, you should be a smart player, who knows how to apply the necessary experience when playing to achieve the best possible results. Good luck.