6 Tips to Follow for a Better Smelling Home


6 Tips to Follow for a Better Smelling Home 

You wouldn’t want to visit a home that reeks. We all appreciate a pleasing environment, and a fresh, fragrant house is something most of us hope we have.

Still, it’s normal to find yourself battling unpleasant odors around the house stemming from various things like unwashed laundry, trash, mold, dirty shoes, home spills, etc.

Another thing is that you may be used to certain odors to the point you don’t really mind them. 

If you’re a painter, your home probably smells like a workshop. You may not mind it, but your guests will.

Some smells are simply unpleasant but tolerable, like when your house is cold and damp. But there are offensive odors that are too strong they’ll most likely repudiate visitors.

Several days-old leftovers and even marijuana are good examples. Considering the smell of weed is one of the toughest to eliminate, Veriheal suggests a few effective measures.

Now, regardless of what’s causing the odor, you can get your home to start smelling better. 

Start with these tips:

  1. Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Perhaps the source of the funky smell in your home is the carpet. Carpets are notorious for catching unpleasant odors like smelly socks. They are also exposed to all kinds of spills.

It gets worse if you have toddlers or pets because then, your carpet may become an alternative bathroom. 

If your house isn’t smelling great even when it’s clean, your carpet is probably the culprit. Try getting it cleaned often.

  1. Keep the Kitchen Dry

With all the cooking and washing going on, kitchens are prone to being damp. The problem is that a warm and damp environment is the perfect ground for bacteria and fungi to thrive.

Besides the potential health hazard, a kitchen that’s usually damp isn’t going to smell good.

The solution to getting rid of musty odor in the kitchen is to keep things dry at all times. Hang cleaning and cooking towels outside to dry to keep them from contributing to the smell.

  1. Air Out Your Home

Sometimes the solution to unpleasant odors in the house is to bring in fresh air. If you’re doing everything right, but the house isn’t smelling good, then maybe you’re not allowing the lingering odors to escape.

Leave your windows open during the day to air the house out. Your HVAC system is a great backup where the windows are sufficient.

  1. Bring in Fragrant Plants

Plants naturally use up carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Bringing in houseplants is a great way of ensuring your home has enough oxygen supply.

You can make things better by installing fragrant houseplants like lavender, gardenia, and geraniums. These are natural air fresheners that will keep your home smelling great.

Fragrant plants offer a natural solution to persistent stale or musty odors that may be difficult to resolve using sprays.

  1. Clean the Trash Can 

Trash cans can stink pretty bad, which is not surprising since they hold all sorts of leftovers and garbage. If you leave food scraps sitting in the trash can for days, your house will start to smell horrible.

Throw the trash away a lot more often and keep the trash can clean. Disinfecting the can after washing helps to combat odor-causing bacteria.

If your trash only goes out when the can is full, tie the opening of the trash bag and keep the can closed at all times.

  1. Light Up Scented Candles

You’ve most likely considered scented candles as a way of getting your home to smell better. It’s a great idea because the candles don’t just dispel unpleasant odor, they can also mask them until you figure out a lasting solution.

Besides being a quick fix, bringing in fragrant candles is a great way of sprucing up your home and getting it to smell exactly the way you want.

Scented candles have varieties of fragrances, both strong and mellow ones. You should be able to find a scent that suits you.

Place the candles in every room and places that are prone to odors, like the kitchen, fridge area, and laundry room.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of things that can make your home smell funky, and finding out what is the first step towards getting rid of the unpleasant odor. Once you know where the awful is coming from, it becomes easier to eliminate the problem.