6 Tips for Choosing Office Furniture in Gold Coast


The difference furniture can make in one’s life is immeasurable, especially in offices where you spend around eight hours daily. Office-goers in Gold Coast spend 89-100 hours per week working, which affects their posture and productivity. With the right furniture, productivity and better posture are guaranteed. However, it is essential to choose the right workplace furniture. If you are looking for office furniture in Gold Coast but need help knowing where to begin, this guide will help you!

Factors to Consider When Buying Workplace Furniture

Quality and cost are equally crucial when choosing furniture for your office space. The right furniture will give you two-in-one benefits—high quality and cost-efficiency. Various factors determine the best piece for your workplace, aesthetics and price. Purchasing furniture worth your investment is essential to get better results, increase office morale, and ensure your employees’ safety and good health.

High-Quality Materials

One crucial factor to remember when choosing furniture is its material. For instance, foam-heavy furniture tends to be less sustainable and comfortable. On the other hand, office chairs with thick seating and cotton-wrapped cushions provide comfort to your lower back. When shopping for office furniture, consider its seat, height, and width since your employees will use it daily. Additionally, ensure the furniture has a safe build. Instead of glue or screws, pick furniture that uses tenon to assemble the pieces.

Durability and Longevity

Replacing or repairing furniture is tedious and financially unfeasible. In Gold Coast, the average cost of repairing furniture sits between $100 to $2,000, depending on its condition. Buy furniture made of durable items: the more durable an item, the less maintenance it requires, saving time and money. Furthermore, high-quality furniture lasts longer, allowing you to budget your finances better.

Environmentally Friendly

Every time companies change offices or purchase new furniture in Australia, approximately 1,500 office desks end up in landfills. Disposing of furniture harms the environment. Therefore, buy furniture made with environmentally conscious materials. You can use, reuse, or repurpose these items, thus reducing waste.

Office Space

The furniture you choose should be compatible with your office space. Consider your workplace’s corridors, halls, and distance between the floor and ceiling before making a purchase. In addition to scaling office dimensions, measure the furniture’s proportions to gauge its fitting in a large and open area. Ensure the furniture neither overcrowds the room nor leaves noticeable empty spaces.

Ergonomic Furniture

Sitting in the wrong or uncomfortable position for hours affects your posture. As the Australian Bureau of Statistics says, improper sitting position degenerates the spine, causes backache, worsens eye condition, and damages overall health. When choosing office furniture in Gold Coast, make sure the furniture is ergonomic. Ergonomic desks and chairs allow you to adjust their height, lumbar, back support, and armrest according to your preference and comfort. Ergonomic furniture designs cater to your physical requirements.

Aesthetically Appealing

Your office furniture determines first impressions, workplace environment, and performance. When buying workplace furniture, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the furniture match the room’s aesthetics?
  • What do you want the furniture to convey?
  • Do you want your office furniture to reflect your brand image?
  • Are your employees happy with the furniture you have chosen?

Your workplace furniture affects your employees’ productivity and health. It improves office ambience and your staff’s posture and fatigue. When purchasing office furniture in Gold Coast, make sure it is worth the money spent. Buy furniture that offers durability, sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort.

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